Book Rant: Matched

Hey everyone!



So I just re-read Matched and soon will be re-reading Crossed because I finally got the third book! I am planning on reading that one soon but first this! Matched is the first book in the trilogy written by Ally Condie. It’s about a girl living in a dystopian society and in the place, called The Society, the government controls everything: what you eat, how much you eat, what you do, when you die and most importantly who you marry. The last one is the center of this book, Cassia our heroine is going to her matching ceremony where The Society will pick her “match” which is who she will marry. So there you are, a very brief non-spoilery summery. There will be spoilers next. If you have already read the book, excellent! If not go away unless you want to be spoiled, which I don’t recommend. Read then join us.





Ok so I liked this book. I think the idea is really interesting and not too far stretched which is really quite frightening. The whole having someone else pick when you die but preserving your DNA to re clone you was really very disturbing for lack of a better word. I was really upset when the Grandpa “died” (he was killed, those jerks!) I was quite happy that the Dad “lost” his DNA sample. Yes! Ha! Take that officials! When they took away their artifacts, I was majorly pissed. Why? How can they justify that? What was the point?  So safe to say I pretty well hate the society. On the other hand though I guess it could be good, in some twisted way to have people matched. Because there wouldn’t be child abuse or anything because the people that would abuse kids aren’t allowed kids and humanity would be healthier as a whole if there was artificial selection going on. But it’s really very sick because essentially they are breeding the population to get the strongest genetic outcome which is what we currently do to animals and fruit and flower and everything really in our society right now so it’s not too hard to imagine that one day we might actually do stuff like this. Really very creepy. The red pill! Gah! Mad at the society again. More anger. The whole memory wipe thing seems so fundamentally wrong to me! There should be a right to your own memories. But then again I guess that they would have no idea that it was a memory wipe so it wouldn’t make then mad. I’m proud of Cassia that she never too the green calming pill, little act of bravery and strength. I love it.

Xander, I like him. I think he’s a really great friend and he really loves Cassia. I honestly don’t have much to say about him though

The fact that people can’t write is very scary too, because that also isn’t very far-fetched  I’m guessing that over the next few generations people won’t know how to write just because they will have never had any need for it. Which is a tragic thought for me personally, be I love hand writing. I take it over typing pretty much any day. It’s so much more personal. Anything you write by hand immediately means more than something you type, I think. Maybe that’s only me. But regardless the way Ky taught Cassia to write was very sweet. Just this whole thing about not making stuff that is your own, not creating or doing anything for the sake of doing it, it’s very alien to me. I cannot imagine a world without music or dancing or singing or writing and only 100 stories and nothing new, nothing to discover.  Fix that, I don’t want to imagine a world like that because that’s a solid 80% of my life gone right there. Oh and they can’t cook, 85% of my life then.

Do not go gentle. That was a really nice motif I think and really holds a lot of meaning in a society like this where everything is so, so controlled. It can really be applied to almost everything in The Society. (Random but I just thought of this and there is nowhere to put it: the Other Countries. Seriously these people are so uncreative with names!) Oh and then Ky gets taken! Can’t believe I almost didn’t mention that! That was…Bad words!  And his adopted parents had already lost their son!  It was brutal. So that’s it for me on this book! I’ll be re-reading (skimming really) Crossed before I read Reached so hopefully both of those will be up soon for you guys!

Bye Everyone! Kisses!


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