Salutations! Ok so today I have a little bit of a rant but mostly it’s a story. There is a point I want to make to express my frustration but you do need back story, so just bear with me.

Ok so some time ago either end of February or beginning or March my biology teacher decided for a project we were going to make biospheres. Now for those of you that don’t know a biosphere is make an ecosystem in a fishbowl then completely seal it off and it has to survive on its own. The majority of our grade from this comes from whether it lives until June or not. Now a key ingredient in a biosphere is pond water because it contains lovely bacteria and microorganisms and all that good stuff to keep the ecosystem going. We CURRENTLY still have approximately 10cm (4in) of snow but it’s warming up so it’s about -5°C in the morning, and depending on the day, between 1° and 10° by mid-afternoon. So the ponds are just starting to unfreeze now. At the end of April. At the beginning of March there were no open ponds and the river was still frozen solid with about a meter of ice over the water.

So, two of my friends, Katie and Annie, and I cleverly went to a giant pet store. I mean giant. This place is a warehouse. And being pretty close we have a bunch of inside jokes and we’re having a good time kind of fooling around. This guy, Nick, comes over to help us and by that point I’m pretty sure he thought we were escapees from the psych ward. So we tell Nick about the project and he says no problem he can help. We’re all walking around this giant place and Nick is picking out what we need. Katie asks him if he ever did this project, his response?

“Yeah, in grade 10 or 11. Something like that. Mine lasted a week”

…Great…huge confidence booster. Nick then picks out a plant for us and its red and yellow. Our immediate reaction is, naturally, “I think that one’s dead”.

“No, no. this is how it’s supposed to be. It’s a called a red something or other plant.” (that’s not what he said, I just don’t know the name off the top of my head)

“Are you sure? Because the rest of them in the tank are green?”

“Yeah, I’m sure! Trust me I’ve worked here for almost a year.”


Keep going along and we’re making small talk with Nick because we’re teenaged girls and that’s what we do. Somehow we ended up on the topic of our futures because Nick was in university or something. Katie and Annie don’t know they haven’t really thought of it. I want to be a nurse so I say that. Nick then asks what level of degree I want (LPN= 2 years, RN= 4, NP = 6) but he doesn’t ask it like that.

He says, “Cool, what do you want to be?”

Now obviously this confuses me. So I go with “umm, I would love to be a traveling nurse at some point”

“No, what do you want to be?”

Still no idea what he is referring to so I take another shot, “Ideally I’d like to specialize in maternity or pediatric (looking after children) because I like kids, but I’m not sure.”

“No. I mean like my mom is an LPN. Clearly you haven’t done any research.”

Excuse me?

Excuse me?

So internally I’m fighting with myself. Tone down the sass. Tone down the sass. We still need him to help for our project. But I’m really irritated because he giving me that look. I’m sure most teenagers know the one, the I-can’t-believe-you-think-you-could-possibly-do-that-leave-it-to-us-adults-who-know-what-we’re-doing look. And it’s really infuriating! But I manage to not sass him out and we finish getting our stuff and head to the till. We spent 80 dollars! 80 dollars on a school project! Because we had to buy pond water!

Now for my point so you can fully understand my frustration: that plant that we said was dying and Nick insisted wasn’t, yeah  it’s definitely dead. After ALL THAT our 80 dollar biosphere is DYING!

There you go! My long, slightly pointless story but now you all can understand my irritation at life at this moment. On the bright side, I now own a fishbowl.

Kisses! Later everyone!


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