Book Rant: Clockwork Princess


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So I’m going to chat with you about the newest book in one of my favourite book series! The Infernal Devices by the lovely Miss Cassandra Clare. This series is a prequel to The Mortal Instruments and rant is going to be about Clockwork Princess which is the third and final book in this series. This book came out on the March 19th and I got my copy on the 21st or something? Then read it in four and a half hours! My friend just read it (finally!) and we had a nice long discussion about it part of which I’m going to share with you! Oh my goodness! This is going to have spoilers so if you haven’t read it go! Leave! Read all the books then come back and discuss! ( My preferred order to read these series in is: City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, Clockwork Angel, City of Fallen Angels, Clockwork Prince, City of Lost Souls then Clockwork Princess)





I’m not even sure where to start! Let’s talk about Cecily. I love her! Like at the beginning with her and Will, so wonderful! And then when they fight the giant creepy Benedict worm and she jumps on its back it was so obvious she was related to Isabelle! It made me so freaking happy. (Also the part where Gabriel is trying to explain that his father is a worm, so funny) The whole thing Cecily has with Gabriel I honestly have no strong opinion about, but it was the obvious route. I was so mad at Gabriel though when he wrote that letter saying bad things about Charlotte! And then at the end when it turns out he didn’t send it everything was nice again and I liked him again. And then Sophie gets ascended and marries Gideon and that is just so, so lovely! When Jessamine dies I was really so upset and I have no clue why because at the end of CP2 I really disliked her.Well apparently I actually kind of liked her because it was sad, of course Tessa also got kidnapped in there and Jem was running and came back dying so that probably added to it. And Mrs. Black! She’s like a severed head on a stick! What the heck?! Too many people dying! But I was really happy that Jessamine came back as a ghost at the end. It was a nice touch.  Now Henry! He is brilliant! I didn’t realize that he INVENTED the portal! I just assumed it was Shadowhunter magic that had been around for hundreds and hundreds of year because in TMI they use them like they are nothing. So go Henry! When he and Magnus as in his laboratory it was so sweet, I love Magnus so much already and that just made me love him more.  He necklace thing too! I really like how everything really ties together between the two series, because Magnus made the necklace for Camille but then he gave it to Will who gives it to Cecily who passes it down until eventually to Isabelle. So I just appreciated all those little tie- ins.

The angel necklace. I love how she explained that because I just assumed it was magic but it actually has Ithuriel trapped inside of it as her guardian angel. Now unless I’m mistaken isn’t Ithuriel the same angel who Valentine trapped? Seriously man! You’re an angel! Get it together!

The Starkweather thing with Adele and Tessa’s mom was a little confusing probably because I don’t get the whole changeling thing! Aren’t the fairy supposed to take your kid and leave you a sickly fairy child? I don’t know. Anyway it did explain what Tessa was and it ended up more or less making sense.  And when I found out she could have children I had a bit of a freak out moment! Because life makes sense again with all the names being carried on. Except then Jem dies and honestly I really thought he had died (Bravo Miss, Clare!) and that whole situation with Will and the parabatai bond being broken! It was heartbreaking and then the natural reaction is to fight a werewolf pack (cough Jace cough). Actually I was a little confused with this because in COFA or COLS I don’t know which one Alec is talking about how in COG when Jace dies how he feels like he’s falling and part of him is missing and such because he doesn’t fall to the ground in agony or start bleeding so I don’t know. Maybe it’s because Jace died really quickly and Jem “died” really slowly? Now I genuinely believed that Jem was dead so when Charlotte calls up the enclave and only the three silent brothers respond and one of them is Brother Zach I was really confused (I threw the book, I was also mad and upset) because who the heck was this guy? I didn’t see it coming I’m not sure why I wasn’t more suspicious but then when its turn out to be Jem I was in hysterics. I didn’t see it coming even though, as I said in my last rant, it was one of my theories but I guess with the whole dramatic parabatai thing I was totally convinced that he was dead.  Back to my original point, the name thing now makes sense because we find out the Jem had an uncle.

Will and Tessa! Ok I love this whole thing. It’s perfectly heartbreaking and then at the end they have such a great life together and the way Will proposes is so simply cute.  And before that of course we have Will talking to Magnus about him loving Tessa and Jem hears! Most perfect part of this book! Fix that, most perfect part of this series as well as TMI. Ok, I lied the part when Jem throws the pack of the drug into the fire and then Will jumps into the fire! Gah! Ok so two most perfect bits. So the Will goes running off to save Tessa and they get trapped together in her cell. And then Magnus walks in on them naked in bed together the next day. (Did anyone else think it was going to be Mortmain?) ““Well, this is unexpected”” I laughed so hard.

And then you get that epilogue and suddenly you have Tessa in normal clothing waiting for Jem and she’s thinking about her life with Will and then Jem is Jem again. (I didn’t know that silent brothers could just leave like that. Is it because Jem isn’t fully a silent brother or something?) But this means that in COHF Jace, Magnus and Clary and them find Jem the cure!!!!! Miss. Clare did you just put a cliff hanger at the end of a series for another series?!

Ok so that’s my rant. I loved this book so much! It was the best possible ending because according to this family tree (found inside cover) Jace is related to BOTH Jem and Will plus Alec! Jem and Alec are distantly related but who cares! And Tessa can be with both Jem and Will so it was just fantastic! I can’t wait until 2014 for City of Heavenly Fire.

Oh and I’m going to throw this in here! As you know (unless you are living under a rock or something) The City of Bones Movie coming out this August 23rd 2013. Now in case you don’t know Jace is being played by Jamie Campell Bower who everyone seems to know as that vampire guy from Twilight whose name I cannot recall currently (starts with a “c” he’s one of the evil ones). Now a lot of people are really mad about this one because they thought it should be Alex Pettyfer and I’m actually so glad Alex turned down the role! I can’t see him as Jace at all, no offence to him but I just can’t see it. When I first heard of the movie I really didn’t have a preferred actor for Jace, but when I saw Jamie I was really hesitant but then I watched a few interview with him on YouTube and he IS Jace. His humor, his style, his voice, everything. So personally I think people need to stop being so quick to judge based on his look and that one role he had in Twilight as what’s- his- face. Miss. Clare said when she saw his audition that he was her Jace, so that’s good enough for me. I think everyone should give him a chance, he’s a good actor. Lilly Collins in Clary and I don’t know enough about her to make a solid judgment. Alec Lightwood is being played by Kevin Zegers, Simon is Robert Sheehan and Isabelle is Jemima West.  The trailer looks fantastic! I’m really hoping it’s not going to be really cheesy, commercialized CGI like some of these teen franchises turn into, but so far it looks really good actually. Not thrilled with Valentine (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers) because I always pictured him very neat. Black dress shirt, dark pants, blond hair slicked back very classy but in the movie he seems to be not that. He has these dreadlock things going on and he’s walking around with his shirt open, I don’t know. But he seems to play the part well so I’ll deal. (I’m doing the same thing everyone did for Jace, I’m a terrible hypocrite. Oops.) But still I’m super excited for this movie!

Kisses! Bye people!


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